Our engineers take pride in providing excellent engineering solutions and today, our market reputation is built on this strong track-record

ENVIPURE’s innovative water technologies are based on more than 30 years of research and deep understanding of our Customer’s specific needs. We offer a broad range of products and water treatment solutions, both to produce water for industrial process and potable use, as well as to clean waste-water to meet environmental discharge standards.

ENVIPURE delivers INNOVATIVE and TOTAL water solutions to our Customers through :

  • Design and Supply of technology package units (Tech-Pack)
  • Turnkey Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)
  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
  • Build, Own & Operate (BOO)

Combining Know-how to Build Partnership

Our team of engineers listens and works cooperatively with our Customers to design state-of-art plants guaranteeing the lowest life-cycle cost. We are capable of implementing solutions utilizing advance technology including :

  • MF, UF, RO, Ion-exchange, EDI and Membrane-distillation for water production
  • Activated sludge, anaerobic UASB (with biogas recovery), SBR and MBR for waste-water treatment
  • Integration of various technologies for water recycling and reuse

Your Dependable Service Partner in O&M Services

We are highly committed to our Customers even beyond the turnkey hand-over of the plant. Throughout the entire life of the plant, ENVIPURE works collaboratively with the Owners and becomes the dependable service partner for all facilities-related works including capacity improvement and upgrade projects.

Understanding that plant availability is paramount to Owners, we guarantee quick response time by maintaining an efficient service-driven network which includes spare-delivery, and most importantly a highly skilled workforce.

Customers have the option to link their water treatment plant system to ENVIPURE’s advance on-line supervisory system EPSiLON™, to allow us to monitor the plant performance remotely and proactively provide technical assistance, all this to ensure your plant enjoys the highest availability.

Applications and Industry focus

We offer our products and customized solutions in the following areas of applications :

  1. High-Purity Water Production Plants
    Power generation and industrial boiler plants, and high-tech manufacturing facilities in wafer-fab, semi-conductor and photo-voltaic have come to rely on ENVIPURE for cost-effective and reliable high-purity and ultra-pure de-ionized water solutions. ..read more
  2. Package Water Production Plants
    We are the market leader in providing package water production plants with the lowest cost per cubic meter of purified-water produced for a range of applications including on-board offshore-rigs and ships; mining and armed-forces camps; resorts; disaster-relief and emergency response as well as United Nations and NGOs. ..read more
  3. Anaerobic UASB Waste Water Treatment (with Biogas Recovery)
    We offer our proprietary anaerobic UASB-process for treatment of palm-oil mill effluent (POME) and other highly-loaded industrial waste-water, producing biogas at the highest yield. ..read more
  4. Waste Water Treatment
    To meet increasingly stringent waste-water discharge standards, ENVIPURE provides solutions to treat a varied source of industrial waste-water including semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and sea-food processing, as well as municipal waste-water. ..read more
  5. Ballast Water Treatment System
    Demand for BWTS has emerged following the adoption of the International Convention for Ship's Ballast Water and Sediments. ENVIPURE holds the agency to offer the BalClor™ to retrofit on existing ships or installation on new shipbuilding. ..read more
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