ENVIPURE offers to Customers compact and modular waste-water treatment plants that meet demands for high-quality discharge standards and small foot-print

To meet increasingly stringent waste-water discharge standards, ENVIPURE provides solutions to treat a varied source of industrial waste-water including semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, sea-food processing and municipality.

Gathering from our long-standing experience in treating waste-water effluent from a wide range of industries, we are today able to implement solutions using different technologies, from conventional activated sludge to anaerobic processes with biogas recovery, SBR, as well as MBR. For Customers who are highly conscious about water conservation, we are able to integrate filtration technologies that allow the recycling and reuse of water for various applications.

Advance Activated Sludge Treatment Technology

We offer BioCAS™ system which is based on the aerated waste-water treatment process. The highly innovative design of the sub-chambers coupled with optimized biological surroundings, results in a plant with low foot-print and highly energy efficient. After treatment, the effluent from BioCAS™ is relatively pure and can be directly reused, typically for non-potable purpose.

Industrial Waste-water Applications

By appropriately designing and addition of pre-treatment units, the BioCAS™ systems can be successful applied to purify a range of industrial waste-water source. Examples include a flotation pre-treatment unit for removal of fat, oil and grease in a slaughterhouse; and a belt-filter / drum-filter pre-treatment unit for removal of fruit-fibers in a vegetable and fruit processing factory.

Our Value Proposition

Advantages of ENVIPURE’s waste-water products and solutions include :

  • Modular and quick assembly – the active cleaning system is prefabricated and shipped to site in standard 40’-containers to be fitted into concrete tanks constructed on-site
  • Small footprint
  • High-quality effluent allowing direct reuse of effluent for non-potable application
  • Highly resistant to biological upset
  • Option to link to remote on-line supervisory system EPSiLON™
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