ENVIPURE ensures that our Customers receive the solution that works best to meet their environmental compliance in terms of quality, efficiency and cost

ENVIPURE is the market leader and possesses an unsurpassed track-record in the design and supply of chemical scrubbing plants and solutions for the treatment of process exhaust in these areas of applications and Customers :

  • wafer-fab and semi-conductor manufacturing
  • photo-voltaic manufacturing
  • electro-plating industry

Based on our proprietary chemical scrubbing system, CHESS™, we design and supply chemical scrubbers for removal of contaminants such as acids, caustics, NOx , VOC, solvents and sub-micron particles up to 99% efficiency. Our proven technology is utilized in plant installations of major multi-national companies in the high-tech microelectronics industries.

Scope of Supply

ENVIPURE delivers INNOVATIVE and TOTAL SOLUTIONs to our Customers through :

  • Design and Supply of technology package units (Tech-Pack)
  • Turnkey Engineering, Procurement & Construction of process exhaust air-pollution control plants (EPC)
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

The scope of technology package (Tech-Pack) includes intake-suction system, air-handling ducting system, scrubber reactor, chemical injection system, fan, emission stack, in-line measuring and monitoring system and our intelligent PLC-based control system, EiSCOS™. These critical plant components can easily be shipped to Customer's construction-site at any parts of the world, and ENVIPURE’s experienced field technicians are ready to support our Customers with erection, installation, testing and commissioning supervision services.


With more than 30 years of experience, we have built a wide network of Customers and delivered a combined treatment capacity of more than 5,000,000 m³/h of treated air. Our high market share is a strong testimonial of the confidence we have gained from our satisfied customers, built over the years.

Portfolio of Technologies

Our deep knowledge in chemistry, coupled with understanding of Customers requirements, equip us with the expertise to integrate a broad range of technologies to deliver customized solutions to every unique situation. Our portfolio of process know-how and technology include :

  • cross-flow chemical scrubber (CHESS™)
  • counter-flow chemical scrubber (CHESS™)
  • dual-flow filters
  • venturi scrubber
  • ionizing wet scrubber

Our Proven Methodology - We Listen

Process exhaust streams are typically contaminated with a variety of polluting compounds at different degrees. As such our engineers would firstly consult with our Customers to understand the problems and risks before engineering the most economical solution based on the best available technology.

Our Customers have come to rely on ENVIPURE not only for our cost-effective and reliable air-pollution control solutions, but also due to our strong reputation to deliver the scrubbing plants at short delivery times, guaranteed by maintaining our own state-of-art manufacturing facility in Singapore.

Our engineers take pride in providing excellent services, and today, our market reputation is built on this strong track-record.

Our Value Proposition

Advantages of ENVIPURE’s air-pollution control plants and solutions :

  • Low pressure drop
  • High contaminant removal efficiencies
  • Low energy consumption
  • Modular and small foot-print
  • Minimum fouling and plugging in packing design
  • Highly-automated allowing reduced manpower and low chemical consumptions using our proprietary control system EiSCOS™
  • Option to link to remote on-line supervisory system α-EPSiLON™
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