ENVIPURE is the market leader in providing package water production plants with the lowest cost per cubic meter of purified-water produced

ENVIPURE possesses an unsurpassed track-record in the design and supply of package water treatment plants for a varied range of applications and Customers :

  • Offshore-rigs and Ships
  • Camps (eg mining, armed-forces)
  • Resorts
  • Disaster Relief and Emergency Response
  • United Nations Aid and NGOs

Applications and Use

The applications of our purified water include potable-use, cooling-tower, water-injection for drilling system as well as sea-food, food and beverage processing.

Our treatment plants range from 50 m³/d up to customized larger-size plants of 1,000 m³/d , mounted on skids or in containers. Our Customers have come to rely on ENVIPURE not only for cost-effective and reliable purified water solutions, but also due to our strong reputation to deliver compact plants at short delivery times, guaranteed by maintaining our own state-of-art manufacturing facility in Singapore.


With more than 30 years of experience, we have built a wide network of Customers and delivered more than 100 plants world-wide. Our installations are operating in 20 different countries,extending our reach to West Africa, Europe, China and the Pacific Islands.

Our deep knowledge in water chemistry and Customers requirements equips us with the expertise to integrate a broad range of technologies to deliver customized solutions to every unique situation. Whether it is desalinated water for potable use onboard ships; or containerized water treatment plants to purify surface water for a disaster-stricken region; or desalinated water for water-injection module onboard an oil-rig, ENVIPURE is committed to respond swiftly without sacrificing quality as we understand that the shortest delay will have a major impact on people’s lives and Customer’s operations.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

We analyze the source of raw-water and accordingly design our plant to be most cost-efficient to benefit the Owner. We select from our portfolio of technologies include :

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Membrane filtration UF/MF
  • Multi Media filtration
  • Disinfection (UV, Chlorination, Ozone)
  • Pre-treatment techniques (Activated Carbon, Clarification)

Our Value Proposition

Advantages of ENVIPURE’s package water production plants :

  • Low cost per cubic meter of purified water produced
  • Quick delivery with short manufacturing times
  • Ease of use with minimum operator training required
  • Modular and easily transportable
  • Option to link to remote on-line supervisory system EPSiLON™
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