ENVIPURE is your experienced partner in combating air-pollution and odor-nuisance
                                     for industrial and sewerage treatment plants

ENVIPURE is the market leader in providing technological solutions for purification of contaminated air, with a total installed capacity exceeding 8,000,000 m³/h. Our team of experienced engineers work collaboratively with our Customers to design air-scrubbing systems for a wide area of applications and industries including:

  • Process exhaust from high-tech semi-conductor and photo-voltaic industries
  • Process exhaust from electro-plating industry
  • Odor nuisance generated from sewerage treatment plants, pumping stations, sludge treatment and composting plants
  • Odor nuisance from tobacco and food industries
  • Biogas purification and upgrade for use as combustion fuel
  • Flue-gas from ship propulsion and power-generation engines
  • Flue-gas from power-generation and incineration plants

If untreated, the contaminated flue-gas and emissions from these installations are highly corrosive and harmful to the environment and public health if inhaled. ENVIPURE’s proprietary scrubbers are able to clean polluted air and remove contaminants to comply with the highest emission standards demanded by US EPA, EU, NEA and other national regulatory bodies, as well as inter-governmental agency such as UN IMO.

Scope of Supply

ENVIPURE delivers INNOVATIVE and TOTAL air-pollution control solutions to our Customers through :

  • Design and Supply of technology package units (Tech-Pack)
  • Turnkey Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)
  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M)


We offer solutions to treat a comprehensive range of contaminants including acids, caustics, NH3 , NOx , SOx , VOC, solvents, sub-micron particles, H2S and mercaptans which are carried in process exhaust, flue-gas emissions and malodorous fugitive gases.

Portfolio of Technology and Know-how

Our worldwide installations numbered more than 100 in total. Our substantial market share is a strong testimonial of the confidence we have gained from our satisfied Customers, built over the years. Our portfolio of technologies include :

  • cross-flow scrubber
  • counter-flow scrubber
  • dual-flow filter
  • bio-trickling filter & bio-filter
  • ionizing wet scrubber
  • venturi-scrubber
  • activated carbon filter
  • dry fabric-filter

Your Dependable Service Partner in O&M Services

We are highly committed to our Customers even beyond the turnkey hand-over of the plant. Throughout the entire life of the plant, ENVIPURE works collaboratively with the Owners and becomes the dependable service partner for all facilities-related works including capacity improvement and upgrade projects.

Understanding that plant availability is paramount to Owners, we guarantee quick response time by maintaining an efficient service-driven network which includes spare-delivery, and most importantly a highly skilled workforce.

Customers have the option to link their air-pollution control and scrubbing plant system to ENVIPURE’s advance on-line supervisory system α-EPSiLON™. This allows us to monitor the plant performance remotely and proactively provides technical assistance, all this to ensure your plant enjoys the highest availability.

Application and Industry Focus

We offer products and customized solutions in the following areas of application of air-pollution control :

  1. Process Exhaust Scrubbing Plants
    High-tech manufacturing facilities in wafer-fab, semi-conductor and photo-voltaic, as well as electro-plating industries have come to rely on ENVIPURE for cost-effective and reliable air-scrubbing plants to treat the contaminated process exhaust...read more
  2. Odor Control Plants
    ENVIPURE is your preferred Partner to eliminate odor impact to the environment and curb public nuisance. Offensive smell and foul malodor originating from sewerage treatment plants, sewerage pumping stations, sludge treatment plants, composting plants, tobacco and food factories often trigger complaints from affected residents, if not treated. ..read more
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