ENVIPURE ensures that our Customers receive the solution that works best to meet their production water demands in terms of quality, compliance, efficiency and cost

Power generation and industrial boiler plants and high-tech manufacturing facilities in wafer-fab, semi-conductor and photo-voltaic have come to rely on ENVIPURE for cost-effective and reliable high-purity and ultra-pure de-ionized water solutions.

Our deep knowledge in water chemistry and Customers manufacturing processes equips us with the expertise to integrate a broad range of technology to deliver customized solutions to every unique situation. Whether it is de-ionized water for boiler feed-water or ultra-pure water for cleaning wafers and LCD-panels, ENVIPURE is committed to deliver excellent water-quality and high-availability plants.

Portfolio of Technology and Know-how

Our engineers offer a range of innovative water treatment solutions with the purpose of designing a highly reliable yet economical plant. To accomplish this, we systematically collaborate with our Customers in the entire design development cycle. Our portfolio of technologies include :

  • RO
  • EDI
  • Mixed-bed ion-exchange
  • Membrane filtration UF/MF/NF
  • Media filtration
  • Disinfection (UV, Chlorination, Ozone)

Our Value Proposition

ENVIPURE guarantees that Customers will benefit from our high-purity water production plants in the following areas :

  • High plant availability
  • Long service life for Customer critical assets (eg boiler)
  • Low cost of operations
  • High automation allowing reduced manpower and low chemical and energy consumptions
  • Option to link to remote on-line supervisory system EPSiLON™
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