The key to our success is the passion of our People in delivering facilities engineering and environmental projects safely, in good quality, on-time and within budget

ENVIPURE is a leader in delivering turnkey design and building of plants, in performing tools hook-up and O&M services. We focused in the following high-tech manufacturing plants:

  • wafer-fab and semi-conductor
  • photo-voltaic
  • pharmaceutical
  • and water-treatment plants

To offer our Customers a single point of interface, ENVIPURE possesses capability to deliver the specialized scope of:

  • turnkey design and building services around our core technologies in odor and air-pollution control
  • turnkey design and building services around our core technologies in water and waste-water treatment
  • tools hook-up for wafer-fab, semi-conductor and photo-voltaic manufacturing plants
  • design and installation of ultra -high- purity mechanical system for high-tech industries (eg wafer-fab and pharmaceutical)
  • O&M services
  • field services
  • technical consultancy (eg energy savings, water recycling)

Your dependable Service Partner

Our team of experienced project managers and engineers take pride in delivering high-quality plants to our Customers on-time and within-budget, with no compromise to safety.

We are highly committed to our Customers even beyond the turnkey hand-over of the plant. Throughout the entire life of the plant, ENVIPURE works collaboratively with the Owners and become the dependable service partner for all facilities-related works including tools hook-up, capacity improvement and upgrade projects.

Safety is our Priority, Quality is our Promise.

O&M services

Understanding that plant availability is paramount to Owners, we guarantee quick response time by maintaining an efficient service-driven network which includes spare-delivery, and most importantly a highly skilled workforce.

Our engineers take pride in providing excellent services and today, our market reputation is built on this strong track-record.

Our fabrication Workshop and skilled Workforce

ENVIPURE maintains a well-equipped fabrication workshop in Singapore that possesses strong capabilities to manufacture:

  • ultra high-purity SUS piping systems using orbital welding techniques
  • ultra high-purity plastic welding including PVC, uPVC, PP, HDPE and PVDF
  • chemical air-scrubbers systems
  • double containment plastic delivery systems
  • specialized gravity and pressurized drain-systems for waste/liquid handling
  • package water and waste-water treatment plants

We employ and train a highly skilled workforce of more than 500 people, including contract workers, who are based in the our workshop or serving our Customers at their facilities.

Maintaining our own workshop and a strong workforce has enhanced our competitiveness and flexibility as we are able to respond and guarantee performance that meets Customers’ demanding schedules and quick turnaround.

Our Customers

Over the years, ENVIPURE has successfully built a strong track-record and stamped a global foot-print by implementing its environmental solutions and facilities engineering projects worldwide. Our plants are operating in more than 20 different countries, including as far as in the Middle-East, Africa, Europe and Pacific Islands.

We have industriously developed a strong base of repeated multinational Customers who recognize our ability to deliver solutions and services at the highest quality.

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