ENVIPURE offers to shipowners an IMO final-approved BWMS that is small in carbon foot-print and low in energy-consumption system

Invasive marine species discharge into a new environment may endanger the native ecology, threaten the local economic activities such as fisheries or even bring about diseases. In order to address this enormous challenge, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Convention adopted in 2004 imposed an obligation for shipowners to meet strict water quality standards and determined the maximum level of invasive organisms allowed in the discharged ballast water.

ENVIPURE holds the agency to provide the BalClor™ BWMS to shipowners. BalClor™ is offered in standard and modular package units consisting of the electrolytic module, degassing, pre-treatment filter, neutralization, sampling and control panels. The BalClor™ BWMS today is IMO final-approved and CCS type-approved. Further type-approvals from other classification societies are expected to follow within 2011.

The underlying technology of BalClor™ lies in the innovative design of an electro-chemical system that is proven in operations. By electrolyzing sea-water, sodium hypochlorite is produced and acts as effective germicide to remove planktons, spores, larvaes and pathogens.

NaCl + H2O »» NaOCl + H2

The advantages of BalClor™ BWMS include :

  • Only a sidestream sea-water is diverted and electrolyzed to generate the germicide, hence requiring minimal change in ballast water pipeline
  • Low energy consumption
  • Modular, quick installation and with small foot-print, hence highly suitable for retrofitting on existing ships
  • IMO final approved and compliance to D2 Standards
  • Low maintenance as the core component (eg electrode) require no replacement
  • Treatment capacity from 100 m³/h to 5,000 m³/h, suitable for ships of all types and sizes
  • Can treat turbid water unlike BWMS based on UV-technology

BalClor™ is the registered trademark of Sunrui Corrosion and Fouling Control Company.

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