ENVIPURE is specialized in anaerobic treatment of highly loaded industrial waste-water utilizing proprietary UASB-process that generates biogas at high yields

Challenges faced with climate change and energy insecurity due to fossil fuel scarcity have propelled the importance of biogas as a renewable energy source. ENVIPURE offers to industries a green technology that converts waste-water to energy.

Backed with many years of experience in industrial waste-water treatment, ENVIPURE has developed know-how in UASB-process for treatment of highly loaded waste-water from POME (palm oil mill), food and beverage, and beer industries. The treatment process not only cleans the waste-water stream to meet stringent environmental discharge standards, but produces biogas that is used to generate electricity. In addition, the diversion of biogas open-release to the atmosphere earns the project carbon-credit under the CDM-scheme.

Advance technology SUMBER™

Our proprietary UASB-technology, SUMBER™, is designed based on an advance anaerobic bioreactor with three-phase separators. This innovative design allows the reactor to separate biogas, water and sludge mixtures in a common reactor space efficiently. Coupled with proven reactor configuration, controlled temperatures and optimum upflow speed, the mesophilic process is fully enhanced to produce biogas at high-yields. All these parameters are closely monitored and automatically fine-tuned through our intelligent PLC-based control system, ENiCMA™.

Utilizing SUMBER™ technology, the controlled decomposition of highly loaded waste-water results in a high-yield, high-methane biogas output compared against conventional covered-lagoon design. With a shorter retention time, its plant foot-print can be designed to be less than 20% of the lagoon size for the same waste-water throughput. The higher electricity income, carbon-credits and better economic use of freed-land derives a higher IRR and quicker pay-back time to investors.

Project Financing and Build-Own-Operate

Although economically viable, many biogas projects face hurdles due to lack of project financing. In such instances, ENVIPURE is able to participate as the project financier, as well as the technology provider.

Our Value Proposition

Advantages of ENVIPURE’s anaerobic waste-water treatment plants utilizing SUMBER™ technology :

  • High biogas yield (30% higher than conventional covered lagoon)
  • Low biomass yield
  • High volumetric organic load and short retention time requiring small plant footprint (<20% of conventional covered lagoon)
  • Modular and compact system
  • Quick construction
  • No odor emissions
  • Option to link to remote on-line supervisory system EPSiLON™
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